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  • Is XM WX an audio service, or something I can look at?

    XM WX Satellite Weather is a graphical, fully interactive weather data service that you view and control on a compatible display.

  • What equipment will I need to view XM WX Satellite Weather?

    Many solutions exist in the marketplace to display XM WX Satellite Weather. Regardless of the application, however, an XM WX-compatible receiver, antenna and display are required.

    For planes, the XM WX service operates on multi-function displays, electronic flight bags, Tablet PCs and PDAs. Boaters can use the service on compatible chartplotters and marinized PCs. Check that your hardware vendor supports XM WX Satellite Weather capability.

  • Where does the data come from?

    XM transmits graphical weather data to users through its reliable satellite technology. The data is collected from numerous government and commercial sources by WxWorx, the preeminent supplier of scientifically analyzed weather information. More information on XM WX data is provided on this page.

  • Where can I receive the XM WX signal?

    XM WX Satellite Weather is available across the continental United States, along the coastline, and in adjacent waters.

  • Will the weather signal be interrupted by severe weather?

    No, the XM satellites transmit using an S-band signal, which is not affected by heavy rainfall or hail.

  • How often does the XM WX data update?

    The XM WX signal is continuously broadcast. Data update times vary, depending on the data product. Visit the XM WX data page for more detailed information.

  • Do I need a subscription to get XM WX Satellite Weather?

    Yes, XM WX is a subscription-based service. Data plans are offered for several different applications. View these in the aviation, marine, and ground sections.

  • If I have XM WX Satellite Weather, can I listen to XM Radio?

    While a separate audio subscription is required, some XM WX systems do allow you to simultaneously listen to XM radio entertainment. Contact your hardware vendor for details.

    If you have both an XM WX Satellite Weather and XM radio subscription activated under the same account, XM offers a discounted Family Plan rate on the XM radio subscription. You can use the same XM antenna for both audio and weather data reception.

  • What if I want to use the system indoors?

    XM WX works in stationary applications, as well. For indoor use, it is recommended that you install the XM antenna on a rooftop in order to properly intercept the signal.

  • Can I use XM WX Satellite Weather with my GPS device?

    Yes. XM WX data is geo-referenced, so it can interoperate with a compatible GPS device. Consult your manufacturer for more information on connectivity for specific systems.