Get XM WX Weather

To subscribe to and activate the XM WX Satellite Weather service, follow these easy steps:

Signup process overview

1. Select and purchase your XM WX system.

In order to receive and display XM WX weather data, you will need the following:

  • an XM WX-capable receiver
  • an XM-capable antenna
  • a compatible display device
  • a subscription to XM WX Satellite Weather

Please contact individual hardware manufacturers with specific questions you have on hardware solutions; contact information is located on the individual manufacturer pages.

2. Select the XM WX Satellite Weather data package you want.

Subscription service packages are available offering various combinations of XM WX weather data products. Please select from the service packages presented that address your needs. Subscription pricing is listed with all packages.

NOTE: Be sure your XM WX-capable antenna and receiver are set up properly, and the appropriate software is loaded before you subscribe to the XM WX service.


3. Subscribe to the XM WX service.

Once you have identified the service package and you are ready to set up your XM WX data account (and XM Radio account if applicable), please contact XM’s dedicated XM WX line at:


Be sure to have your payment information ready. Once your account is established, and your receiver set up and activated, you will be able to receive the XM WX service.