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XM WX Data

Dependable Satellite Delivery

XM WX offers the most comprehensive suite of accurate graphical weather data, combined with the most reliable satellite delivery method. XM’s satellite network consists of multiple identical satellites in geostationary orbit around the earth, each continuously transmitting weather data to subscribers below.



The XM satellites are among the most powerful commercial satellites in the world. Their powerful signals ensure you’ll receive timely weather information when you need it most, providing confidence and peace of mind.

Subscribers to XM WX use state-of-the-art antennas to acquire the signal.


XM WX weather data service requires XM WX-enabled receivers.

Display device

This vital information is then displayed on your EFB, laptop, tablet PC, PDA or MFD.


The unique S-Band signal transmitted by each satellite ensures that even very intense storm systems don’t impede the signal. In addition to the XM network’s redundant design, the XM WX service provides enhanced reliability that keeps it available when it is most needed.

The WxWorx Connection

Built on a heritage of weather tracking excellence, Baron Services, through its WxWorx division, is the data provider for XM WX Satellite Weather. Once Baron has collected weather data from a variety of sources, including the Department of Defense, National Weather Service and various commercial providers, it interprets, verifies and packages the data for instantaneous distribution over the XM satellite network.

Baron Services is known throughout broadcast television for its cutting-edge innovations in weather technology. Every day, forecasts and weather analysis performed by Baron weather systems reach over 235 million people in the United States. Baron was formed in 1990 from this strong foundation of meteorological integrity, providing XM WX Satellite Weather with a proven source of weather expertise.

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